Guest Week Dates- Fitness Camp 2019

Come along and join us for free as a new or returning customer during any of the weeks mentioned below. These are the first week of a four week block. Come along to all three camps within the week - Mon/weds/fri - for FREE! Come and see what it is all about.

  • January Camp starts Monday 7th Jan, Wednesday 9th Jan, Friday 11th Jan

  • February Camp starts Monday 4th Feb, Wednesday 6th Feb, Friday 8th Feb

  • March Camp starts Monday 4th March, Wednesday 6th March, Friday 8th March

  • April Camp starts Monday 1st April, Wednesday 3rd April, Friday 5th April

  • May Camp starts Tuesday 7th May, Wednesday 8th May, Friday 10th May (due to the bank holiday Monday)

  • June Camp starts Monday 3rd June, Wednesday 5th June, Friday 7th June

  • July Camp starts Monday 1st July, Wednesday 3rd July, Friday 5th July

  • August Camp starts Monday 29th July, Wednesday 31st July, Friday 2nd Aug

  • September Camp starts Monday 2nd Sept, Wednesday 4th Sept, Friday 6th Sept

  • October Camp starts Monday 30th Sept, Wednesday 2nd Oct, Friday 4th Oct

  • November Camp starts Monday 28th Oct, Wednesday 30th Oct, Friday 1st Nov

  • December Camp starts Monday 25th Nov, Wednesday 27th Nov, Friday 29th Nov