Sunday open camp

Every Sunday 09.30am - 10.15am

Your chance to attend a bespoke Isle Lose It camp workout as a non-member. The sessions are suitable for those who are already exercising regularly at intermediate and advanced levels.Come and see what we do and find out why Isle Lose It is so popular and delivers such amazing results! 

This session outdoors so dressing for the weather is essential. 

The session is suitable for those who are already exercising at either an intermediate or advanced level

If you are already working out with us at one of our classes (Vibe, HiiTride, Insanity or Boxercise) you can come along at the reduced rate of £5

If you are not currently working out with us, but are taking part in some regular exercise, you too are welcome to join us at our standard pay as you go rate of £6.

Bookings must be made in advance and no money will be taken on the day. 

Register now - email